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eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce is the term used for “Electronic Commerce” which, in layman’s terms, is the buying or selling of goods and services electronically (via the Internet). This type of business has been in development since the 1970’s, and has rapidly evolved into what it is today. Our eCommerce web design will help position your company to compete in this emerging marketplace.

Online shopping via eCommerce and online web stores has been steadily on the rise, with approximately 215 million digital shoppers and $453 billion in sales in 2017. In order to stay competitive in this growing marketplace, your retail store needs a supplement to your traditional brick and mortar store. eCommerce involves not only building the web store but also implementing the security to keep the transfer of your customer’s information secure.

Gainesville Web Design will design your eCommerce website with all the necessary tools to manage both your store inventory and your customer information. We have a powerful Content Management System that allows you to easily manage your website store. See below for examples of our eCommerce Web Design and the stores we have designed and built.

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